Ankara – with a twist…

Do you know how much I love versatile fashion? I mean, I LOVE! to play with the same item and create multiple ways to wear and style… I really really just love that.

The amazing CEO of sent me this, trusting I will do blog worthy pictures of it. She wasn’t wrong. It was also a very early birthday gift (my birthday is 27th November).

#HowIRockMyAko: I styled it barefeet, with my green pumps and of course with my beautiful boots.

Creative content, Blogger & Model: NdatseNdomo

Dress designer:


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Quote of the day: ”When sin demanded justice, mercy said no” Pascal Amanfo



”A lot of people believe God but don’t believe in God” Adotekom Okodi-Iyah and I learn so much listening to him.

Think of how deep your faith truly lies. In your job? Your bank account? Your relatives? Your talent? Do you rely on God’s provision or in your bank account balance? Your healer or your doctors prescription? If God led you to a pool of water and told you to walk, would you?

I’m listening to Oceans by Hillsong and its definitely a prayer point for a lot of us: Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders, LET ME WALK UPON THE WATERS WHEREVER YOU WOULD CALL ME, take me deeper than my feet could ever wander…..




Dress designed by me: NdatseNdomo

Dress made by: Eromon for ERM Clothing