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Tour Dubai on a Budget

Hi guys, so I posted a video Dubai on a budget on my YouTube channel NdatseNdomo TV and a lot of people asked me for things to do in Dubai that cost little to nothing and having lived in the Middle East for close to 6 years now, I’m here to give you all the tea 💁so, here goes…

1. Visit the dancing fountain which shows in the evenings in Dubai Mall by Burj Khalifa. There’s a Dubai Mall metro station which can help you save taxi fare.

Here’s a video Dancing Fountain.

2. Walk by the lake in Jumeirah Lake Towers, there are chairs and beautiful views for you to take pictures and just relax. There are also lots of coffee shops and outlets if you get hungry.

3. Visit any of the beaches in Dubai, most of them are free. Find out if there are private timings for women beforehand though.

4. Stroll around JBR and marina walk. There are street shops and carnival like atmosphere around some parts. There are also usually activities you can watch and enjoy. Hold some cash if you want some food, Ice cream, dessert 🍨 etc

5. Visit the Global Village. It is closed for some months during the year so find out here before you go Global Village Dubai. Tickets are just 15 AED approx $4.1 to go. This activity along can take almost a whole day and it’s fun too.

6. Visit the Amazing Miracle Garden. You have to visit to see it for yourself. I can not even begin to describe how beautiful it is. I absolutely love going there. It is closed for some months during the year so definitely find out here Dubai Miracle Garden ahead of your trip. Entrance fees are less then $10

7. Please do not leave Dubai without visiting the Butterfly 🦋 Garden 😱😱 it is super beautiful guys I can not even begin to tell you. Nature at its finest. 100s of species of butterflies and flowers and everything OMG. Check ahead of your trip here Dubai Butterfly Garden

one on my face. Lol kidding.I painted this as part of my creative makeup

8. Grab some food or frozen yoghurt around Box Park Dubai, budget for $10 for your coffee and snack. It’s great for catching up with your friends or fellow travel partners for coffee and shiii lol. If you are a solo traveler, don’t worry the people are quite friendly 😊

9. If you can handle it, go for some exciting bumpy ride in the Dubai Desert Safari. It’s a package that comes with food, entertainment like belly dancing around the campfire, camel riding and lots more. It’s definitely something you will want to try once at least. There are various service providers of these services but it should honestly not cost you more than $35 if you surf for a good deal.

10. Take the metro and just have a beautiful view of the city as far as the metro goes. Also read up on the culture and history of the country so you have a feel of it.

So that’s it guys, while a lot of what I have mentioned here are free, the rest of the activities when I total them are not up to $100 so make sure you have fun and be sure to tag me on your social media and message me as well or comment here if my tips have helped you.

Fortunately I won’t be giving you a cost on your Air flights and such because that varies so much but Dubai has peak seasons when flights and hotels tend to be more expensive like Christmas, shopping festival etc so be sure to plan ahead and book ahead.


Habits every entrepreneur MUST practise


  1. Make use of your most productive time of the day.

Whatever yours may be, I always advocate for getting up earlier in the day when there are little to no distractions and doing something that develops you. It could be reading books, researching, meditating, praying or even exercising (even if you are not a morning person). Just do anything to ensure your day is started right and you are in a good frame of mind.

People have different times of the day when they are able to maximise their thought processes. Some people are morning people and others are not. Identify yours and use it ideally to brainstorm and document your ideas.

2. Read books.

This is one habit that is essential for personal development. To be a successful entrepreneur you need to set out time study and read books. Get your hands on that will develop you as a person and your trade. Never stop seeking knowledge and never stop learning. Set a target for each week to read at least a chapter or two per day, gather the books you need to read that month and keep them in a visible place to remind you of your daily target. If you don’t like to read hardcopies, look out for audiobooks. Just read, read, read.

3. Network.

Maintain a good network and grow it, I always say your network determines your net worth. Keep the right set of people around you; people with whom you feel comfortable sharing your goals and dreams. Network with people you can also partner with. Connect with like-minded individuals who tell you your dreams are too small. Connect with those that will motivate you when things are not looking up.

4. Have mentors.

Identify someone who really challenges you to do better, act better and be better. I have 2 mentors, one who mentors me in my industry and I really look up to for his excellent leadership qualities and technical skills, who knows me personally and believes in me, gives me great advice and always encourages me. And my second mentor (T.D. Jakes) whom I have never met but I look up to him and admire him so much, read his books, watch his videos and follow him on social media. I personally think he is one of the wisest people around. I still have a lot more people I admire and look up to, but those are the two who mentor me. Having people mentor you is really important for you and your trade, I think it is important for every entrepreneur to have these two type of mentors at the least. They give you a direction, coach you, are honest with you, help identify your strengths and help with your personal development.

5. Be disciplined.

Start by being disciplined in any aspect of your life – it could be as simple as training yourself to go to the gym each morning – and make no excuses for yourself, from that one aspect, you can translate that to other areas of your life.

The importance of being a disciplined individual cannot be over-emphasized. When you are self-disciplined, you are able to be much more diligent, effective and successful. This will inadvertently tell on your trade and the way you do things. Be committed to what you do and have zero-tolerance for indiscipline which leads to mediocrity. Also be disciplined with your time and time management. It irks me when people use the term ‘African Time’ and expect it to be generally accepted, this leads to a culture of indiscipline.

6. Take risks.

As an entrepreneur, you will probably be turned down on some opportunities, don’t get put off by hearing ‘No’, all you need to do is keep pushing on. When your ‘light bulb’ idea gets turned down in some places., remember the light bulb (LOL).

Every entrepreneur is a risk-taker. Sometime calculated, sometimes not even calculated, sometimes we just go with our gut-feeling (I try to back mine up by research though) I once read an article on Mark Zuckerberg and he said he didn’t even expect Facebook to become what it is today, someone was willing to invest thousands of dollars on his site and he was willing to take the risk.

I hope these habits are able to help someone out there.

Here’s to making the best of 2017!

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Sustainability in businesses

Hello readers,

I know I’m long overdue for a new post so here goes:

Ever wondered why you see businesses you once thought successful fold up? Today’s topic, Sustainability in Business, is on my mind and here are a few points to keep in mind when creating and sustaining a successful business, I hope you learn a few things from it.

  1. Try to create a business that can be sustained in your physical absence. A business that requires you to be there before things move smoothly needs to be re-structured to ensure long term sustainability.
  2. Focus on building a global brand name for the purpose of (but not limited to) franchising; think what contributes to McDonald’s success (trust me on this one, I’ve done a couple of their  financial analysis). You would not only benefit from a sustainable and reputable brand name, you would also benefit financially from this.
  3. Closely monitor economic trends, if there’s industry changes, you would want to know the causes and determine if you should strategically move with the big players; think why Kodak failed. Also, for instance in the next 15 years the world would be relying on sources of alternative and sustainable energy, oil might be no where and at that point Oil industry players should be moving towards where the patterns are leading.
  4. Don’t undermine the power of your competitors even if you are an industry leader; pay close attention to market trends.
  5. Make realistic financial projections. Expecting to break even too soon can sometimes be the cause of financial stress on a business. Not breaking even or making profit in the first few years is not an indicator of an unsustainable business.
  6. Engage your customers. Pay close attention to feedback and be particular about customer service. They are why you are in business. As much as you can, pursue brand loyalty.
  7. Partner with people that believe in your brand. Successful businesses are not smooth sailing all the time but having partners and strategic alliances who support you makes it easier.

Creating sustainability in your business requires much more than can be outlined in one post but keeping these in mind is a great place to start and always refer to. Overtime, I would also be writing about specific topics. I’m also open to writing on topics you suggest.

Thank you readers and have a great week ahead. Cheers. xx

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No jobs??! But WHY?!

Hello readers,

I’d like to pick up from my last post regarding finance and earnings.

I’m sure the title of today’s post has gotten you wondering.

Overtime I’ve heard able and capable bodied folks murmur and complain about their jobs, job situation or simply the lack of gainful employment. I personally am guilty of one of these at various points in my life. One day I got reflecting over things and started recalling things I’d learned from a couple of entrepreneurship books in time past.

I thought to myself, if the majority of the world (research says 97% of the people are employed by the 3% who took risks to become employers) depends upon these 3% for gainful employment, how many people of the world population can they actually satisfactorily serve?

Well, I have a short answer  to the title of this blog post: You are not creating one.

As a job seeker you can become a job provider? We usually sit and create limitations in our head or blame other people for where we are today but guess what? We are our own limitation and I proceed to invalidate some of our excuses below:

  1. No capital! I’m sorry but this very popular excuse holds no weight whatsoever. You can start any business with as little capital as possible. No amount of capital is ever too small. If you dream of owning an airline in the next 10 years, I have news for you, its the little businesses you start from now that will help you achieve it. The coca cola you know so well is the outcome of a $2300 investment in 1889.
  2. We doubt our abilities! A lot of the time I find many of us doubt our ability to pursue and achieve our dreams. Many times we see good success as a far reaching dream, one our minds can’t comprehend, we tend to believe its only for a chosen few and put barriers on how far we let our dreams take us. Hey! It really is okay to have dreams and goals so big that they scare you. If your dreams don’t scare you then you haven’t started dreaming. The Louis Vuitton you know so well was once a peasant and box maker who left home in search of greener pastures. He believed in himself and even as a box maker, he was one of the best and most innovative in that field.
  3. We give up too soon! Often times we have great ideas in our mind we want to try out or even tried out once or twice and gave up due to setbacks. Sometimes we even give up before we attempt to try. Maybe you have a business idea and you find lots of people are in that sector already. In our minds we think ”too many people are already doing it, there’s no space for me.” Well, there must be a reason why every one is doing it so why don’t you try? There’s more than enough people in the world needing products or services and the ‘too many people already doing it’ can’t serve them all. The Walt Disney you know was once sacked for ‘lacking imagination’ and had several failed businesses. Henry Ford failed and lost money a couple of times, Harrison Ford was told he would never be successful at making movies and Stephen King thrashed an early draft of his book. Even Steve Jobs was once unseated from Apple. Instant success is not the only kind of success.

These points, though few, are the major reasons why most of us never see past our comfort zones and take risks. Outline your dreams in the near and far future, come up with action plans and strategies. Quit the lazy, excuses-making attitude and grow beyond your self doubts. Replace your idle time with self-development and improvement. Get on your feet and put your mind to good use. A lot of people are waiting on you to take advantage of the power God has given you to make wealth. Stop waiting for everything to be handed to you. Create something. Do something. Be something.

PS: Having a job to do is wonderful, but do not let the lack of one cause you to be idle.


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Finance & Earnings Nuggets

Good day loves.

Been a min since I’ve been on here but anyways, here are a few nuggets for us all this morning concerning personal finance and earnings:

  1. Don’t turn down opportunities. Every extra $1 you earn is $1 you didn’t have before. No matter how little the earnings, its not sometimes all about money. Experience and the network of people you meet is priceless. PS: I picked this one up from my cousin.
  2. Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well. If you are going to embark on any project, no matter how little, do it with everything you’ve got. Give your best to ALL your endeavors.
  3. Place value on your time. Don’t waste it and do not let others waste it. Every 1 second you waste is 1 second you can never have back. Spend your time wisely and productively.
  4. Try to leverage on the resources you have around you. It could be your network, space, or available capital. Don’t try to do everything alone. Most successful businesses thrive on partnerships.
  5. When you are young, your primary work goal should be to learn and not just to earn.
  6. Try not to start out above your means. Figure out a suitable level of financial leverage (if availabe to you) and make the most of what you have. You can start your business from your home or a friends office till you are able to afford your own office space. Try not to spend most of you initial capital paying rent. You can even start online.
  7. Prov 16:3. Commit your ideas, thoughts and plans to God and you will surely be prosperous. Its your heritage afterall.
  8. Take risks. Every successful business person had to take risks and continuously take these risks.

Have a fabulous day and week lovelies, till my next post… xx

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Thinking outside the box; should there even be a box?

Recently, I saw a picture of a lady in a mint green lace top and an orange flare maxi skirt (try to picture it). My first thought was ‘Euwww! That does not; look good! Total fashion no no’; and then I took another look at the picture and i thought to myself, ‘That was rather not nice of me to think, are there even any hard and fast rules to what does and does not look good in fashion? She was happy, she was comfortable and most importantly, she was confident. Even if there are rules, who says the rule setters are the ultimate?’

I think fashion is about expressing your own sense of style and appreciating your appearance. There is no one good look that you put on to please the eyes of others. First of all, you please yourself and then whatever others think is well, their problem. I’m not endorsing indecent dressing in any form, that is, in fact, the one ‘No’ I do approve of. But so long as you look decent, you feel good and you appreciate yourself, by all means, just do you.

Another thing about fashion I think is to not follow trends, try to find your own style and your own fashion identity, wearing items just because everyone else is wearing them or because they are in vogue gives of a vibe that screams “Help! I cant find my own identity, so I’ll just follow the crowd.” Even if you find yourself sub-consciously styling yourself up in items which seem to be in vogue, by all means, add some level of uniqueness to it. Don’t be another version of someone else, be bold, be unique, stand out and be yourself.

Let this thinking affect other aspects of your life,  most times we are afraid to do things we think are ‘not normal.’ We live our lives so constricted by abstract rules and laws we aren’t even sure exist and we end up never even discovering who we really are.

We limit our mindsets, our creativity, our business ideas, our fashion senses, and generally narrow down our scope of thinking to a small horizon. But, who sets these rule and who says there is even a box? Start thinking like there is NO box at all.

This week, challenge yourself and your thinking. Do something you’ve always been afraid to do because you thought people will see you as weird or crazy. Start a business you’ve always feared people will criticize as foolish, wear an outfit you’ve always thought to try out and just start to really live out you own identity. Remember, nothing normal ever changed the world.

the ones crazy

Featured pic: unique piece of the day: embroidered top, tell me if you likey…. xxx

PS: forgive the bathroom selfie, we all have one. lol!

2015-08-05 14.51.34

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Thinking business-wise

As a person who has always been passionate about business development, I derive some kind of joy watching and helping (when I can), a business start from scratch and get to the top, having always been someone to buy and sell something or participate in long and short term investments, there are a few things I’ve come to realize regarding businesses:

  1. Do not depend on your friends and family to be your number one fans. If you are lucky like me, they will be. But if they are not, hey, just keep moving and striving with no hard feelings.
  2. Be realistic in your projections. At every stage of your business, there MUST (notice I said MUST) be challenges, watching and growing through these challenges is what makes your business sustainable.
  3. Be patient. I’ve watched couple of individual businesses grow simply because they stuck it out. If you are one of the lucky few who break out into ‘success’ early, then good for you, but for others, remember good things take time.
  4. Be passionate about what you are doing or don’t do it at all. Seriously! If you lack the passion, you can’t stick it through the tough times.
  5. Be prayerful. Don’t let your first thought in times of trials be a fellow human, run to God first, then seek His will and direction. Remember, faith first, then works.
  6. Customer service and customer relationship is EVERYTHING. Acknowledge and appreciate your customers. Remember, you are in business to serve them.
  7. Plough back your profits. Do not spend your profits before they are earned and do not spend more than you save. Many folks lose their net worth trying to appear more valuable than they really are. Save first, then spend.
  8. Never stop giving. If you are in a position to help, then by all means, HELP. You can choose to donate a percentage of your profits to charity, whatever you do, just be thankful for the opportunity to be on the giving end.

If you have more thoughts on business thinkng, please feel free to drop a comment and follow us in the drop down menu.

Have a fulfilling week….. xx

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