Art! Not Fashion??

I’m all for creativity honestly.

Read my title again and tell me what you think in the comment section.

As for me, what do I believe? LOL! You don’t even need to ask, if you follow my blog, you already know I believe fashion has no limits and I always feel some satisfaction when I combine pieces in manners people would never think to try and they come out effortlessly beautiful.

All the time I feel I am definitely NOT using my brain up to even 5% the capacity God has given me. I feel there is so so so much you and I can do. Am I wrong to believe so? I think not! From flying planes to dancing to blogging to professional swimming and lots lots more…. I know we can do anything…. I know if we put our minds to something, we are going to do it and do it well, excellently well…. Phil 4:13

13 Whatever I have, wherever I am, I can make it through anything in the One who makes me who I am. The Message

Did that scripture just blow your mind? It blows mine away all the time.
I can do anything, everything, ALL things! ALL things. ALL! Not SOME!!

In my state of pondering and wondering, I’m having all these midnight thoughts, morning meditations and random midday wanderings, on how best to explore my full potential, enter Jaru, a fellow MUA, creative director, dress maker (she made a wedding dress overnight – YES – overnight), hair maker, set designer, costume designer and so much more; into my life and she definitely challenges me to put more effort into displaying my creative juices. Thanks Jaru.

We go back and forth on designs and she shows me one. I’m sold!
Its Art
Its Fashion
Prayer is man’s greatest weapon! Lord, by Your strength I can do all things.
Art. Fashion. Oh! They’re not the same word?
I definitely think they are.

Kinging; as a Queen

So lately I’ve been meditating.

Meditating on Ps 23:1. ‘The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want’. ‘Want’! Not ‘Need’

Do you know what that means? We are not talking about basic needs for survival. WANT!!!! Chew on that – this is not a mere blog post!

What do you want? An island. A Ferarri, A great job? Whatever! ‘Want’ not ‘Need’.

That’s like an open cheque. Do you know where the real problem lies? It lies in your mind – your mindset – not daring to dream nor really really want. Before the thought even creeps into your minds, your fear kills it. But guess what? It is really already given to you because again Phil 4:19, all needs (wants) have been provided according to heavenly riches – immeasurable!

Imagine you are royalty – a queen – born into countless riches, everything you want, you have. You are clueless to what lack really means, because you’re a queen. This is the best part of this post for me – telling you, your imaginations are a reality, your Heavenly Father is a King, YOU are His heir, YOU are a QUEEN. Can we just go into the world and start living it out like yesterday?

Yas! We are Queens


Hmmm, I shall NOT want!


Always told mum at age 5 that I want to be a Queen when I grow up!


Little did I know, I have been, am and always will be one!


Graced with favor, divine blessings and abundance


I’m all for re-styling – in my creative way, I figured you can use as a neck piece too. Thank me later!


Blogger & Model: NdatseNdomo






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Velvet dress-piration

Side story because I believe the aim of my fashion is to motivate, teach, and pass the message of creative fashion while being stylish.

Here’s a short story culled from:

One evening an old Cherokee Indian told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people. He said, ‚ÄėMy son, the battle is between two ‚Äėwolves‚Äô inside us all.One is Evil. It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.

The other is good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith.’

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather: ‚ÄėWhich wolf wins?‚Äô

The old Cherokee simply replied, ‚ÄėThe one you feed.‚Äô

In church today, my pastor added that we should be sure to feed ourselves with God’s word. Its okay to lose everything BUT your mind.

Relating this to the outfit, since I feel you can use this as your Sunday/ Friday outfit to church, might as well share somethings I learned in church today.


Pondering on all I learnt in church


Dress designed by me: NdatseNdomo

Dress made by: Eromon for ERM Clothing

Gold shoes:

Necklace: Gifted to me by mum (lots of kisses to you mummy)


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Stun in Peplum

Ladies (all shapes and sizes) get in here!!! LOL!

We all love dresses that accentuate our curves. I love the way peplums have the potential to flatter our plus size curves, enhance our size 0 curves and accentuate every figure in between.

If you haven’t noticed, I love me a good peplum in any form, dress, belt, shirt, skirt and even pants.

I designed the dress below and my tailor friend made it for me. Her deets are below.

How do you rock yours?


Designing a new peplum outfit in my mind


Hmmm, concept is starting to form


Yas! Can’t wait to have it made


Planning to slay all day


Come through!!!


I can design one for you tho ($$$)


Another one!


Dress designed by me: NdatseNdomo

Dress made by: Eromon for ERM Clothing

Green shoes: River Island

Red shoes: Gift from big sis

Bag: Charles and Keith

Black and white jacket: H&M

Black peplum dress: Namshi UAE online store

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99 problems, a good outfit ain’t 1!

Read the following story (I hope you do) or scroll down to outfit pictures:

Story was told of a pastor who told everyone in his congregation to pen down all their problems in life and drop the sheets of paper at the altar.

Boy! Did they write and write and write and laid everything at the foot of the cross – altar – the aim was to let go and let God takeover.

In a twist of things and to teach them gratitude, he then asked them to come back to the altar and pick any random sheet (knowing it would be impossible to pick the exact same one they dropped). So everyone picked someone Else’s.

He then urged them to open the sheets and read the problems they had in their hands. Shouts of exclamations filled the chapel as they all realized what other people were facing seemed a million times worse than what they themselves were going through.

“I’ll take mine back” they all started saying, I can’t deal with these things I’m reading. The pastor had a hearty laugh knowing no further sermon was needed on gratitude as he asked them to all drop back the sheets at the altar.

You see, while life isn’t perfect, and problems may come and go, you have to learn to let go and let God and as difficult as it is to be grateful in the midst of problems, you have to train yourself to be.

My life changed when I started thanking God for my problems and what He was trying to teach me through them and when I started giving out literally the last money and things on me at my poorest and my most broke times.

In an attempt to relate this story to my fashion – hope this works –

1. I’ll say life isn’t perfect but your outfit can be.

2. 99 problems but a good outfit isn’t one



Told you a good outfit makes you have a good laugh and feel good ūüôā


Wow! Something must really be funny yo!


But don’t ask me what (tongue out)


I’ll just adjust my crown and keep moving


Loved this outfit so much I had to restyle it:

Dress: Fauziat


Hair: @avasacHair on Instagram

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Waistcoat series

Who said anything about boring work wear? Nopes! Not me.

C’mon you spend most of your time doing some form of work, can we afford to let that be boring? Naaaah!

So some of my latest wardrobe favorites have been my waistcoats I like to call kimonos for some reason.

Style it like:

Red on white,


Black on green (or any color in the world actually)


Yep! Lets slay all day…


Cos why not?



Still waiting for my superman (refer to previous post)


Would you rock one? Leave me comments ok xx

Waistcoat and white shoes: Dress Island

Leggings: Splash Fashion Dubai

Bag: Pierre Cardin

Accessories: Me

Hair: Avasac Hair

Green shoes: River Island

NB: All outfits are mine

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Denim X Bedazzled

Whoever said you couldn’t mix and match your basic pieces – yup! Your denim jacket is definitely a basic – with your night out pieces, was lying!!!!!!

I decided to pair both in my usual creative style and I completely love the outcome! Do you?

Pretty sure you do:


I mean……


Take off the jacket for a night out, if you’d like


Or just slay this way ūüôā


Waiting for my Superman (imaginary)


Denim jacket: Levi’s

Sequin bralet: Some store far away in India

Leggings: Splash, Dubai

Bag: Charles and Keith

Credits: YJP Photography, Bella Makeovers, HairbeatssbySmart, AvasacHair and my stylish creative self putting it all together.

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Golden/Champagne Birthday

Been a minute guys!!!!!!!

Have I been missed? I promise to be back again in full blast so lets start all over again with my champagne shoot. I featured 3 looks below, please feed your eyes and enjoy my lovelies!!!!

Look 1: Traditional Nigerian Attire



Look 2: Classy and Elegant


Look 3: Queen in my own rights



These were all the looks and I was quite pleased with the outcome. I hope you enjoyed watching.

I took up a Make Up Artistry course immediately after, soon I hope to be creating the facial looks and captioning ‘yours truly’.

Photography: Mikaelb @mikaelb on social media

Make -up: @prettysinksignature

Hair: @avasachair

Hair styling: @hairbeatssbysmart

Styling: All the aforementioned.

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Exotic & Royal: be different!

My good friend spoke to me about featuring me in his portfolio, told me the look he was trying to achieve and asked me to prepare for it the night before. I wasn’t quite sure I had the outfits we had in mind but we were determined to make it work. I threw together a combination of items and the outcome was beyond amazing.

This look can be worn to weddings, theme events or wherever you just want to exhibit the queen and royalty in you! Enjoy!!!



Working in Progress ūüôā



Sometimes a selfie ūüôā


Outfit by me: @ndatsendomo

Model: @ndatsendomo

Photography: @shoeboxng

MUA: @bella_makeovers

Creative content: all the aforementioned

Keep reading the next posts for more looks and pictures lovelies.

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#OOTD Winter inspired

Hello Readers,

The #ootd (outfit of the day) is a Winter inspired theme to layer up in the cold and still appear trendy and fashionable.

The boots are a winter essential for the fashionable female and so is the jacket.This jacket can be worn in a variety of styles and I am in complete love with it.

Take a look:


Coat: F & F

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Hello Readers,

The #ootd (outfit of the day) or days in this particular post are a combination of different style ideas.

I include a Mix & Match series (African meets Western), ¬†show different ways to dress an item, attempt to bring back collar and statement necklaces and a little bit of ‘randomness’. LOL.

Let the pictures do the talking:

  • Ways to wear:


I’m dressing up my red balloon skirt for an outing as seen above and also dressing it down for a casual day in the cold weather as seen belowIMG_7288.JPG (1)



Make your clothing items work for you. Be sure to have pieces in your closet that can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion.

How would you wear yours?

Skirt: H&M

Red shoes: Call It Spring

Sweater: Forever 21

Neck piece: Hand made by me

  • Mix & Match:





Wearing this Ankara crop top from a crop top set with a peplum skirt and booties as seen above or matching the skirt from the set with a bedazzled top as seen below:

2015-12-08 03.56.422015-12-08 03.56.01

Ankara set: IROC Designs by Edima, @edyyma on Instagram

Skirt: Dorothy Perkins

Shoes: Forever 21

Neck piece: Beads by Oma

2015-12-08 03.55.28

Mixing and matching my lace pencil skirt with a casual top, perfect with heels for a more dressy approach, or with flats for a casual look.

  • Must-Have accessories this season:

Playful stockings as I like to call them, to add a little style to your winter fashion:

2015-12-08 03.19.10

Statement neck-pieces, to take your outfits to a whole other level


I’d love to see how you mix and match your items,dress your pieces up or your unique statement pieces. Tag or email me your pictures if you do.

Cheers…. xxxx

Photo credit: Rina of TWS and Ted.

PS: This is not a sponsored post.

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The International Fashion Encounter Dubai Fashion Show

Lets throw back to the 26th of November, 2015 when the International Fashion Encounter Fashion Show held in Business Village, Dubai.

I was privileged to meet the renowned Jason Cameron, CEO of the Toronto Fashion Academy and a well known Fashion guru in the entertainment industry , known for his  Fashion Styling, Fashion Show Choreography, Events Coordination, Acting & Modeling Agent & Booker and an Instructor and Life Style Coach. Having been in the the Entertainment and Fashion Industry for over 15 years,  he has worked with several mainstream brands along with bringing International Fashion Week to Toronto as well as several concerts and charity fundraisers. He was honored with a plaque on October 9th, 2013 from the United Nations National Women Committee of Canada for his outstanding and on going support. I was also privileged to meet his very lovely wife. They are both honestly such a delight, warm, friendly and are a wealth of insight in fashion. Amazing people! He is also the brain behind the International Fashion Encounter (IFE), a platform catering to local consumer markets from around the world. The aim of the IFE is to bring those interested in various exciting fashion trends from around the world together with designers from around the globe. It is a fashion and lifestyle show. IFE is also a platform for buyers as well as fashion editors to seek and promote new trends from various parts of the world. It is headquartered in Toronto, Canada and serves to fulfill fashion needs from around the world, under one roof. For more on them, you can visit ; ; ; Also follow their Instagram page for news on events and profiles, @torontofashionacademy and @intl_fashion_encounter

The fashion show showcased very elegant and unique pieces from designers and I didn’t even want it to end. So many beautiful and unique pieces it felt like I was in fantasy island even. Since I¬†promised you loads of pictures, I’m sure you trust me not to disappoint.

This exclusive event hosted three (3) designers from around the globe and is a must-attend for those who know what fashion and style is all about, or at least want to know. The designers who were represented that evening were:

  • Zia Zamora (Africa):¬†¬†Zia Zamora is a designer of luxury ¬†accessories ¬† and ¬†ready-¬≠‚Äźto-¬≠‚Äźwear. ¬†These ¬†products ¬†include ¬† accessories, ¬†footwear, ¬†jewelry, ¬†men‚Äôs ¬†and ¬† women‚Äôs ¬†ready-¬≠‚Äźto-¬≠‚Äźwear ¬†pieces. ¬†Their pieces represent glamour and elegance, exuding sophistication and luxury in its own iconic way. ¬† Zia ¬†Zamora ¬†is ¬†committed ¬†to ¬†bridging ¬†the ¬†gaps ¬†in ¬† the ¬†fashion ¬†industry, ¬†especially ¬†in ¬†North ¬† America, ¬†South ¬†America ¬†and ¬†the ¬†African ¬†market. A few of my favorite pieces from that evening:


I fell in love with the balance of glitz and glam exuded from the pieces, how they came off intricately done and I would totally rock these pieces to an event. For more of her exclusive designs, find her on the following platforms: Facebook:     Instagram:  @ziazamora and

  • Rock ‘N Karma (Canada):¬†Rock ¬†‘N ¬†Karma, ¬†is ¬†famed ¬†by ¬†their ¬†signature ¬†miracle ¬†fabric. ¬†Women ¬†become ¬† addicted ¬†to ¬†the ¬†Ô¨Āgure ¬†Ô¨āattering ¬†cuts ¬†and ¬†exceptionally ¬†slimming ¬†styles. ¬†The ¬† collection ¬†is ¬†painted ¬†and ¬†beaded ¬†couture ¬†blended ¬†into ¬†black. ¬†All ¬†things ¬† innovative, ¬†chic, ¬†and ¬†everything ¬†in ¬†between. ¬†A few of my favorite pieces were:


Meet the designer, on the left.


I just loved how chic, urban and effortlessly cool the pieces are and I totally see myself rocking these. For more,¬†¬†check out the website: ¬† ¬† Instagram: ¬†@rocknkarma ¬† Facebook:¬†¬† ¬†hHps:// Rock-¬≠‚ÄźN-¬≠‚ÄźKarma-¬≠‚Äź612987238817241/

  • WedHaus by Abril Cervera (Latin-America): this is a luxury brand with a variety of gowns for a select group of Mexican and foreign celebrities. The exquisite tailoring, use of high quality textiles and and rich textures speak for themselves. She is an award winning designer and her pieces have been exhibited on high profile platforms. Some of my favorite pieces were:


Meet the designer, the beautiful lady in jeans.


I’m in love. I found it very hard to choose favorites, the elegance and luxury of these pieces give me goosebumps and I would totes rock all of them. For more, visit Facebook: or follow @wedhaus¬†on Instagram.

Some behind the scene photos ūüôā

Pictures at Total Wellness Spa where the models glammed up before the event,


Quick selfie before the event (refer to my previous post for the full outfit)


Quick selfie with Jason


More behind the scene


Be sure to give yourself to a relaxing treat at the Total Wellness Spa, Business Village, Dubai. Try their facials and thank me later.

Dress fitting


Do check out the event and designers pages for more. PS: This is not a sponsored post but me sharing my encounter at an amazing show with the most wonderful people and exposing you to all things fab. ūüôā


Lovely weekend ahead readers…. xxx

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Outfits of the Month – November

Hello readers,

Here are the outfits featured this month to give you some style inspiration, feel free to ¬†nick a style and please tag me or send me pictures if you do. This month, we play with different color scheme themes, a winter inspired theme and what I wore to the International Fashion Encounter. Enjoy…. xxx

Always remember to dress right for your body type, define your own style, rock it and own it!!!

Please note, this is not a sponsored post. ALL outfits are mine.

Look 1 (All Black Everything Theme)




Blazer: Mango

Shoes: Milano

Velvet top and flare skirt: Splashfashion

Weave: Me

Look 2 (Black & White Themed)


I had to put that picture by popular demand… lol



Blazer: Forever 21

Lace dress:  Ella

Shoes: Milano

Bag: Pierre Cardin

Look 3 (Winter Inspired, Some shades of Grey)


Top: Nara Carmicie

Skirt: Iconic

Shoes: Call it Spring

Look 4 (Black & Yellow Inspired Theme)



Jacket: Milla

Shoes: Aldo

Skirt: Splash Fashion

Look 5:  (What I wore to the International Fashion Encounter)


So some of the most amazing people on the fashion scene came around and hosted their event (International Fashion Encounter) which I would write a post about soon. As seen, you can rock my look in two different ways, keeping it almost rock theme with the boots or going all girly with heels. Your choice…. just be sure to own it.

Jacket: Amisu

Dress: Iconic

Boots: Forever 21

Heels: River Island (they no longer stock these and I’ll be giving this pair away, just be sure to follow my Instagram account @ndatsendomo to qualify)

And its a wrap for November, which has been an amazing month. God is too faithful (as always) to fail. Have a theme in mind you want me to rock? Then please message me on Instagram, Facebook or simply drop a comment here and I will be happy to own it.

Have a blissful month ahead…. xxx






PS: Photographs taken by my good friend, Bunmi Obanawu, and Ted, a wonderful photographer you can contact on 971564154551 for amazing pictures.

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A lacey affair

As a person who has always been addicted to the prettiness and feminine nature of lace and lacey stuff, when worn right of course, I decided to make my own elegant long lace dress, went out on a mission to search for the perfect fabric for it, and even if I didnt find exactly what I wanted, I found something close enough.

Drop a comment or send us an email if you are interested in this look or crop tops available in this fabric.. xxx

You can also follow @getthefablook on Instagram for lots of other lovely pieces and personal shoppping services.

Tell me if you like it:



20150801_124449 MyCollage_2220150801_124547 IMG_20150801_124742 IMG_20150801_124924

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