Caribbean Cruise On Carnival Vista by MyChoiceVacation (A collaboration)

“I think my new found love is cruising. I enjoyed every moment on this cruise.

From my time on sea to my time on the port. Everything was amazing – the service, the food, onboard activities, my cabin and so much more. I had pondered on the best way to write this post that will drive home the awesomeness of this cruise and I concluded I’ll just segment various aspects of the experience.

The Cabin

If you remember during the planning stage as I stated in my earlier post, I picked the interior guarantee cabin. This was basically the least priced room and I have to say it surpassed my expectation. The room and washroom were spacious, clean, and full of basic amenities that anyone would require for a nice stay. The amenities included a smart TV, bed, safe, mirrors in the room and washroom, working table and chair, different socket points (with universal points), blanket, fridge, cupboard, phone, towels and so on.

I was particularly impressed with the smart TV. It was linked to my onboard account meaning aside watching news and movies, you can access your onboard account, catch up on what is happening on board, be informed 24/7, check out your onboard pictures, daily plans/activities and so much more.

Room service was at its peak. You could order your food and it was brought to you all inclusive in your cost. Also if you needed to do any washing, there was a launderette down the hall that had a washer, dryer and iron.

The Onboard activities 

So basically, it is not possible to get bored on the ship because there was an activity almost every 15 minutes. There is always something going on onboard for different age brackets and interests. There was food 24/7, a skyride, obstacle course, lounge (inside and by the sea), a world class spa, shops (I’m talking major shopping), basketball court, game room, Jacuzzi, pool and so much more.

However, if all you want to do is have some peace and quiet while overlooking the ocean and reading a book, Carnival vista planned for you too. There is a section on the boat called ‘Serenity’. It is basically a quiet spot where you can just sunbathe and relax.

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But if either of these ranges of activities or ‘serenity’ opportunities isn’t your forte, you can occupy yourself with other 24/7 services provided on board.

The Food

If I had to pick a title for this part of the cruise, I would call it “Food in excess”.

There was a ton of food on this ship. Sadly, I am not a foodie and I don’t have the best eating habit but I can confidently say the meals were made to perfection! You will think that providing meals for about 4000 guests and about a 1000 crew members will result in the food being industrialized and tasteless. Nope! It wasn’t.

Also food was available 24/7 and in all kinds of variety. The one thing I couldn’t get enough of was ice-cream and frozen yogurt. At some point I was having frozen yogurt every hour but I reduced it by the third day.

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My best meals were at the Reflection Restaurant where we had our dinner (if you didn’t want a buffet). The meals here were excellent and memorable.  I had lobster, crab cake, jerk chicken, tomato rice (jollof), prawns curry, grilled fish, amongst many other yummy dishes. I even went as far as having a meal that was made with pineapple. I was trying to be as adventurous as I could with food (which to be honest wasn’t a lot). But how can I forget the desert! I was totally adventurous with the desert too and I wasn’t disappointed once. Do you know I had a four course meal every evening?

The food on the cruise gets an ‘A’ from me and my friends on board totally agreed and all the meals are cost inclusive too.

The Port days

We had three port stops. Ocho Rios in Jamaica, Cayman Island in  Grand Cayman and Cozumel in Mexico with about 8 hours onshore at each stop. Ensure that your phone is on airplane mode and set to the ship time so that you don’t miss your cruise.

The ship offers onshore excursion. If it is your first time or you are interested in a particular adventure that you won’t want to miss, I will advise you to get the onshore excursions offered onboard.

The cruise claims to guarantee the best prices and also ensures you get priority disembarking from the ship as well as making it back on time. However, if you want to save money and be flexible with your itinerary you can wait till you get to the port where you will meet a lot of locals with more discounted tour/excursion packages. Writing about my port experience on this post will only make this post too lengthy. So watch out for the next post where I will break down every adventure onshore step by step!

Onboard entertainment

I love stage plays.

Last year I think I went to the cinema once in January but I saw about six stage plays. Let me not digress here. The point I am trying to make is that I enjoy stage plays a lot and every play on the ship was great. I was so impressed. They were delivered to perfection. I was captivated every time.

My best performance was a stage played called “FLICK”. If I had to pick three words for the show it would be  ‘My Oh My’!

Fortunately, I was in the first seat during the show and at that point I didn’t know I would be blown away. At every point when I thought I was blown away I would look around the room to see if anyone was as excited as I was. Maybe I was that gingered because I hadn’t seen anything like it before but the “Flick” was freaking amazing. After the show, off course I took pictures with the cast.

I also enjoyed going for an R+ rated comedy show. It was one of those comedy shows where the comedian tells a joke for about 15 minutes and spends the rest of the time using the audience for his jokes. I kept praying he won’t pick on me. You had to be a good sport because the more difficult you are about the jokes, the more he will make fun of you.

On one of the nights, I jumped from one cruise entertainment to the other. I started with a play production, live R&B 90s soul music, live Latin music and ended the night with a movie and popcorn outside, right next to the pool. I actually had a few nights when this happened.

I also enjoyed the Michael Jackson night. It made me remember why MJ is such a legend. Did I mention there is a club onboard? I spent about an hour there. I actually just found myself in the club because it was the same place as the MJ blast and turned into the club afterwards.

Video Player

Other fun aspects on the ship

▪ We had dress codes on three separate evenings onboard. On two of the evenings,  we had to dress elegantly (It was called ‘Elegant Night’) and the on other evening the dress code was all-white (it was an All-White Affair) which was classy. For some reason, I didn’t get the memo of the dress code before boarding but luckily I had a white dress and two sort of fancy dresses. The dress code is not compulsory.

▪ Best cruise director ever – Mark! He was so friendly and fun and was truly the best director anyone on the ship could have hoped for. Our sail away party was a blast and every other party onboard. Mark was definitely an awesome ship host.

▪ The ship was like a town on sea. You will need to remind yourself sometimes that you are actually in the middle of the ocean. The ocean looks so calm from the ship.

Camp Ocean is a daycare for kids. It is also cost inclusive and I think it makes a family vacation on the ship really fun. The kids could go on with their activities while adults were out having fun. The camps were open till 1am and the kids actually enjoy Camp Ocean. I think a cruise is the best option for a family vacation especially if you have young kids.

▪ There are amazing photographers onboard ready to make help you document your fun times. The photographers are so good that you can actually take professionals family pictures onboard the ship (seem like a number of people did).

I know I had the perfect experience on my first cruise, but the other guests who had been on other cruises reminded me that another cruise ship experience might be a little different. When I asked other guests on the cruise if it would be fair to judge other cruise experiences based on my Carnival vista experience, 3 out of 4 said NO! Here is why. The Carnival Vista is the newest of the ships in the Carnival line. Plus, it is only eight months old. With that, I want to specifically say that this was my CARNIVAL VISTA cruise experience. I met a-lot of cruisers and they all had nothing but good experiences on the different ships/cruises they had been on.

I honestly had a blast! I can’t wait to get on another cruise. I am thinking somewhere in Asia, port start; Indonesia. My first night was a little rough though. I felt like I was in a rocky/water bed. This is because my cabin was on deck 9 so I could feel the waves of the sea on the ship. So I was a little bit frightened but it all went away by the second night when I realized all was well. If your fist night is similar, don’t freak out o! The ship was not in any distress. I was only feeling the movement of the waves.

I could write so much more about my cruise experience but I really tried to keep it as short as possible (which didn’t happen). So if you have any question for me, feel free to write it in the comments section and I would answer them to the best of my knowledge.

If you can’t wait for the next blog post to catch up on my adventures at the three ports then you can have a sneak peek on my instagram page @mychoicevacaction

Hope you enjoyed the read ☺”

Mychoicevacation is passionate about all things travels. She is a Financial analyst by day and a wanderlust 24/7. She aims to create a wanderlust community by showing that travelling is not cheap but it is very affordable. Follow her on instragram and facebook for numerous travel adventures. Don’t forget to subscribe to her blog. The focus is on see the world😘

We had planned to be together on this particular trip but other things got in the way and we however decided to collaborate.

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  1. You did a great job with this review. If were to purchase a cruise I would probable go with your assessment. However, that is not on my agenda for anytime soon. I just want to add something for your readers if you will allow me.
    Carnival Vista is one of those ships that call on the Ocho Rios Port in Jamaica which is the best location in Jamaica for excursions. Best Jamaica offers private excursions from the port and we are the best at what we do….


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