The International Fashion Encounter Dubai Fashion Show

Lets throw back to the 26th of November, 2015 when the International Fashion Encounter Fashion Show held in Business Village, Dubai.

I was privileged to meet the renowned Jason Cameron, CEO of the Toronto Fashion Academy and a well known Fashion guru in the entertainment industry , known for his  Fashion Styling, Fashion Show Choreography, Events Coordination, Acting & Modeling Agent & Booker and an Instructor and Life Style Coach. Having been in the the Entertainment and Fashion Industry for over 15 years,  he has worked with several mainstream brands along with bringing International Fashion Week to Toronto as well as several concerts and charity fundraisers. He was honored with a plaque on October 9th, 2013 from the United Nations National Women Committee of Canada for his outstanding and on going support. I was also privileged to meet his very lovely wife. They are both honestly such a delight, warm, friendly and are a wealth of insight in fashion. Amazing people! He is also the brain behind the International Fashion Encounter (IFE), a platform catering to local consumer markets from around the world. The aim of the IFE is to bring those interested in various exciting fashion trends from around the world together with designers from around the globe. It is a fashion and lifestyle show. IFE is also a platform for buyers as well as fashion editors to seek and promote new trends from various parts of the world. It is headquartered in Toronto, Canada and serves to fulfill fashion needs from around the world, under one roof. For more on them, you can visit ; ; ; Also follow their Instagram page for news on events and profiles, @torontofashionacademy and @intl_fashion_encounter

The fashion show showcased very elegant and unique pieces from designers and I didn’t even want it to end. So many beautiful and unique pieces it felt like I was in fantasy island even. Since I¬†promised you loads of pictures, I’m sure you trust me not to disappoint.

This exclusive event hosted three (3) designers from around the globe and is a must-attend for those who know what fashion and style is all about, or at least want to know. The designers who were represented that evening were:

  • Zia Zamora (Africa):¬†¬†Zia Zamora is a designer of luxury ¬†accessories ¬† and ¬†ready-¬≠‚Äźto-¬≠‚Äźwear. ¬†These ¬†products ¬†include ¬† accessories, ¬†footwear, ¬†jewelry, ¬†men‚Äôs ¬†and ¬† women‚Äôs ¬†ready-¬≠‚Äźto-¬≠‚Äźwear ¬†pieces. ¬†Their pieces represent glamour and elegance, exuding sophistication and luxury in its own iconic way. ¬† Zia ¬†Zamora ¬†is ¬†committed ¬†to ¬†bridging ¬†the ¬†gaps ¬†in ¬† the ¬†fashion ¬†industry, ¬†especially ¬†in ¬†North ¬† America, ¬†South ¬†America ¬†and ¬†the ¬†African ¬†market. A few of my favorite pieces from that evening:


I fell in love with the balance of glitz and glam exuded from the pieces, how they came off intricately done and I would totally rock these pieces to an event. For more of her exclusive designs, find her on the following platforms: Facebook:     Instagram:  @ziazamora and

  • Rock ‘N Karma (Canada):¬†Rock ¬†‘N ¬†Karma, ¬†is ¬†famed ¬†by ¬†their ¬†signature ¬†miracle ¬†fabric. ¬†Women ¬†become ¬† addicted ¬†to ¬†the ¬†Ô¨Āgure ¬†Ô¨āattering ¬†cuts ¬†and ¬†exceptionally ¬†slimming ¬†styles. ¬†The ¬† collection ¬†is ¬†painted ¬†and ¬†beaded ¬†couture ¬†blended ¬†into ¬†black. ¬†All ¬†things ¬† innovative, ¬†chic, ¬†and ¬†everything ¬†in ¬†between. ¬†A few of my favorite pieces were:


Meet the designer, on the left.


I just loved how chic, urban and effortlessly cool the pieces are and I totally see myself rocking these. For more,¬†¬†check out the website: ¬† ¬† Instagram: ¬†@rocknkarma ¬† Facebook:¬†¬† ¬†hHps:// Rock-¬≠‚ÄźN-¬≠‚ÄźKarma-¬≠‚Äź612987238817241/

  • WedHaus by Abril Cervera (Latin-America): this is a luxury brand with a variety of gowns for a select group of Mexican and foreign celebrities. The exquisite tailoring, use of high quality textiles and and rich textures speak for themselves. She is an award winning designer and her pieces have been exhibited on high profile platforms. Some of my favorite pieces were:


Meet the designer, the beautiful lady in jeans.


I’m in love. I found it very hard to choose favorites, the elegance and luxury of these pieces give me goosebumps and I would totes rock all of them. For more, visit Facebook: or follow @wedhaus¬†on Instagram.

Some behind the scene photos ūüôā

Pictures at Total Wellness Spa where the models glammed up before the event,


Quick selfie before the event (refer to my previous post for the full outfit)


Quick selfie with Jason


More behind the scene


Be sure to give yourself to a relaxing treat at the Total Wellness Spa, Business Village, Dubai. Try their facials and thank me later.

Dress fitting


Do check out the event and designers pages for more. PS: This is not a sponsored post but me sharing my encounter at an amazing show with the most wonderful people and exposing you to all things fab. ūüôā


Lovely weekend ahead readers…. xxx

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