Outfits of the Month – November

Hello readers,

Here are the outfits featured this month to give you some style inspiration, feel free to  nick a style and please tag me or send me pictures if you do. This month, we play with different color scheme themes, a winter inspired theme and what I wore to the International Fashion Encounter. Enjoy…. xxx

Always remember to dress right for your body type, define your own style, rock it and own it!!!

Please note, this is not a sponsored post. ALL outfits are mine.

Look 1 (All Black Everything Theme)




Blazer: Mango

Shoes: Milano

Velvet top and flare skirt: Splashfashion

Weave: Me

Look 2 (Black & White Themed)


I had to put that picture by popular demand… lol



Blazer: Forever 21

Lace dress:  Ella

Shoes: Milano

Bag: Pierre Cardin

Look 3 (Winter Inspired, Some shades of Grey)


Top: Nara Carmicie

Skirt: Iconic

Shoes: Call it Spring

Look 4 (Black & Yellow Inspired Theme)



Jacket: Milla

Shoes: Aldo

Skirt: Splash Fashion

Look 5:  (What I wore to the International Fashion Encounter)


So some of the most amazing people on the fashion scene came around and hosted their event (International Fashion Encounter) which I would write a post about soon. As seen, you can rock my look in two different ways, keeping it almost rock theme with the boots or going all girly with heels. Your choice…. just be sure to own it.

Jacket: Amisu

Dress: Iconic

Boots: Forever 21

Heels: River Island (they no longer stock these and I’ll be giving this pair away, just be sure to follow my Instagram account @ndatsendomo to qualify)

And its a wrap for November, which has been an amazing month. God is too faithful (as always) to fail. Have a theme in mind you want me to rock? Then please message me on Instagram, Facebook or simply drop a comment here and I will be happy to own it.

Have a blissful month ahead…. xxx






PS: Photographs taken by my good friend, Bunmi Obanawu, and Ted, a wonderful photographer you can contact on 971564154551 for amazing pictures.

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Sustainability in businesses

Hello readers,

I know I’m long overdue for a new post so here goes:

Ever wondered why you see businesses you once thought successful fold up? Today’s topic, Sustainability in Business, is on my mind and here are a few points to keep in mind when creating and sustaining a successful business, I hope you learn a few things from it.

  1. Try to create a business that can be sustained in your physical absence. A business that requires you to be there before things move smoothly needs to be re-structured to ensure long term sustainability.
  2. Focus on building a global brand name for the purpose of (but not limited to) franchising; think what contributes to McDonald’s success (trust me on this one, I’ve done a couple of their  financial analysis). You would not only benefit from a sustainable and reputable brand name, you would also benefit financially from this.
  3. Closely monitor economic trends, if there’s industry changes, you would want to know the causes and determine if you should strategically move with the big players; think why Kodak failed. Also, for instance in the next 15 years the world would be relying on sources of alternative and sustainable energy, oil might be no where and at that point Oil industry players should be moving towards where the patterns are leading.
  4. Don’t undermine the power of your competitors even if you are an industry leader; pay close attention to market trends.
  5. Make realistic financial projections. Expecting to break even too soon can sometimes be the cause of financial stress on a business. Not breaking even or making profit in the first few years is not an indicator of an unsustainable business.
  6. Engage your customers. Pay close attention to feedback and be particular about customer service. They are why you are in business. As much as you can, pursue brand loyalty.
  7. Partner with people that believe in your brand. Successful businesses are not smooth sailing all the time but having partners and strategic alliances who support you makes it easier.

Creating sustainability in your business requires much more than can be outlined in one post but keeping these in mind is a great place to start and always refer to. Overtime, I would also be writing about specific topics. I’m also open to writing on topics you suggest.

Thank you readers and have a great week ahead. Cheers. xx

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If  you want to learn about finance, investments, entrepreneurship, go to my YouTube channel