No jobs??! But WHY?!

Hello readers,

I’d like to pick up from my last post regarding finance and earnings.

I’m sure the title of today’s post has gotten you wondering.

Overtime I’ve heard able and capable bodied folks murmur and complain about their jobs, job situation or simply the lack of gainful employment. I personally am guilty of one of these at various points in my life. One day I got reflecting over things and started recalling things I’d learned from a couple of entrepreneurship books in time past.

I thought to myself, if the majority of the world (research says 97% of the people are employed by the 3% who took risks to become employers) depends upon these 3% for gainful employment, how many people of the world population can they actually satisfactorily serve?

Well, I have a short answer  to the title of this blog post: You are not creating one.

As a job seeker you can become a job provider? We usually sit and create limitations in our head or blame other people for where we are today but guess what? We are our own limitation and I proceed to invalidate some of our excuses below:

  1. No capital! I’m sorry but this very popular excuse holds no weight whatsoever. You can start any business with as little capital as possible. No amount of capital is ever too small. If you dream of owning an airline in the next 10 years, I have news for you, its the little businesses you start from now that will help you achieve it. The coca cola you know so well is the outcome of a $2300 investment in 1889.
  2. We doubt our abilities! A lot of the time I find many of us doubt our ability to pursue and achieve our dreams. Many times we see good success as a far reaching dream, one our minds can’t comprehend, we tend to believe its only for a chosen few and put barriers on how far we let our dreams take us. Hey! It really is okay to have dreams and goals so big that they scare you. If your dreams don’t scare you then you haven’t started dreaming. The Louis Vuitton you know so well was once a peasant and box maker who left home in search of greener pastures. He believed in himself and even as a box maker, he was one of the best and most innovative in that field.
  3. We give up too soon! Often times we have great ideas in our mind we want to try out or even tried out once or twice and gave up due to setbacks. Sometimes we even give up before we attempt to try. Maybe you have a business idea and you find lots of people are in that sector already. In our minds we think ”too many people are already doing it, there’s no space for me.” Well, there must be a reason why every one is doing it so why don’t you try? There’s more than enough people in the world needing products or services and the ‘too many people already doing it’ can’t serve them all. The Walt Disney you know was once sacked for ‘lacking imagination’ and had several failed businesses. Henry Ford failed and lost money a couple of times, Harrison Ford was told he would never be successful at making movies and Stephen King thrashed an early draft of his book. Even Steve Jobs was once unseated from Apple. Instant success is not the only kind of success.

These points, though few, are the major reasons why most of us never see past our comfort zones and take risks. Outline your dreams in the near and far future, come up with action plans and strategies. Quit the lazy, excuses-making attitude and grow beyond your self doubts. Replace your idle time with self-development and improvement. Get on your feet and put your mind to good use. A lot of people are waiting on you to take advantage of the power God has given you to make wealth. Stop waiting for everything to be handed to you. Create something. Do something. Be something.

PS: Having a job to do is wonderful, but do not let the lack of one cause you to be idle.


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