Thinking business-wise

As a person who has always been passionate about business development, I derive some kind of joy watching and helping (when I can), a business start from scratch and get to the top, having always been someone to buy and sell something or participate in long and short term investments, there are a few things I’ve come to realize regarding businesses:

  1. Do not depend on your friends and family to be your number one fans. If you are lucky like me, they will be. But if they are not, hey, just keep moving and striving with no hard feelings.
  2. Be realistic in your projections. At every stage of your business, there MUST (notice I said MUST) be challenges, watching and growing through these challenges is what makes your business sustainable.
  3. Be patient. I’ve watched couple of individual businesses grow simply because they stuck it out. If you are one of the lucky few who break out into ‘success’ early, then good for you, but for others, remember good things take time.
  4. Be passionate about what you are doing or don’t do it at all. Seriously! If you lack the passion, you can’t stick it through the tough times.
  5. Be prayerful. Don’t let your first thought in times of trials be a fellow human, run to God first, then seek His will and direction. Remember, faith first, then works.
  6. Customer service and customer relationship is EVERYTHING. Acknowledge and appreciate your customers. Remember, you are in business to serve them.
  7. Plough back your profits. Do not spend your profits before they are earned and do not spend more than you save. Many folks lose their net worth trying to appear more valuable than they really are. Save first, then spend.
  8. Never stop giving. If you are in a position to help, then by all means, HELP. You can choose to donate a percentage of your profits to charity, whatever you do, just be thankful for the opportunity to be on the giving end.

If you have more thoughts on business thinkng, please feel free to drop a comment and follow us in the drop down menu.

Have a fulfilling week….. xx

the man mountain

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