Thinking outside the box; should there even be a box?

Recently, I saw a picture of a lady in a mint green lace top and an orange flare maxi skirt (try to picture it). My first thought was ‘Euwww! That does not; look good! Total fashion no no’; and then I took another look at the picture and i thought to myself, ‘That was rather not nice of me to think, are there even any hard and fast rules to what does and does not look good in fashion? She was happy, she was comfortable and most importantly, she was confident. Even if there are rules, who says the rule setters are the ultimate?’

I think fashion is about expressing your own sense of style and appreciating your appearance. There is no one good look that you put on to please the eyes of others. First of all, you please yourself and then whatever others think is well, their problem. I’m not endorsing indecent dressing in any form, that is, in fact, the one ‘No’ I do approve of. But so long as you look decent, you feel good and you appreciate yourself, by all means, just do you.

Another thing about fashion I think is to not follow trends, try to find your own style and your own fashion identity, wearing items just because everyone else is wearing them or because they are in vogue gives of a vibe that screams “Help! I cant find my own identity, so I’ll just follow the crowd.” Even if you find yourself sub-consciously styling yourself up in items which seem to be in vogue, by all means, add some level of uniqueness to it. Don’t be another version of someone else, be bold, be unique, stand out and be yourself.

Let this thinking affect other aspects of your life,  most times we are afraid to do things we think are ‘not normal.’ We live our lives so constricted by abstract rules and laws we aren’t even sure exist and we end up never even discovering who we really are.

We limit our mindsets, our creativity, our business ideas, our fashion senses, and generally narrow down our scope of thinking to a small horizon. But, who sets these rule and who says there is even a box? Start thinking like there is NO box at all.

This week, challenge yourself and your thinking. Do something you’ve always been afraid to do because you thought people will see you as weird or crazy. Start a business you’ve always feared people will criticize as foolish, wear an outfit you’ve always thought to try out and just start to really live out you own identity. Remember, nothing normal ever changed the world.

the ones crazy

Featured pic: unique piece of the day: embroidered top, tell me if you likey…. xxx

PS: forgive the bathroom selfie, we all have one. lol!

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Thinking business-wise

As a person who has always been passionate about business development, I derive some kind of joy watching and helping (when I can), a business start from scratch and get to the top, having always been someone to buy and sell something or participate in long and short term investments, there are a few things I’ve come to realize regarding businesses:

  1. Do not depend on your friends and family to be your number one fans. If you are lucky like me, they will be. But if they are not, hey, just keep moving and striving with no hard feelings.
  2. Be realistic in your projections. At every stage of your business, there MUST (notice I said MUST) be challenges, watching and growing through these challenges is what makes your business sustainable.
  3. Be patient. I’ve watched couple of individual businesses grow simply because they stuck it out. If you are one of the lucky few who break out into ‘success’ early, then good for you, but for others, remember good things take time.
  4. Be passionate about what you are doing or don’t do it at all. Seriously! If you lack the passion, you can’t stick it through the tough times.
  5. Be prayerful. Don’t let your first thought in times of trials be a fellow human, run to God first, then seek His will and direction. Remember, faith first, then works.
  6. Customer service and customer relationship is EVERYTHING. Acknowledge and appreciate your customers. Remember, you are in business to serve them.
  7. Plough back your profits. Do not spend your profits before they are earned and do not spend more than you save. Many folks lose their net worth trying to appear more valuable than they really are. Save first, then spend.
  8. Never stop giving. If you are in a position to help, then by all means, HELP. You can choose to donate a percentage of your profits to charity, whatever you do, just be thankful for the opportunity to be on the giving end.

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Have a fulfilling week….. xx

the man mountain

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A lacey affair

As a person who has always been addicted to the prettiness and feminine nature of lace and lacey stuff, when worn right of course, I decided to make my own elegant long lace dress, went out on a mission to search for the perfect fabric for it, and even if I didnt find exactly what I wanted, I found something close enough.

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If  you want to learn about finance, investments, entrepreneurship, go to my YouTube channel